Online Doctor Consultation for Covid19

Covid19 Help

We are updating data every few hours. Please verify details before using.
Online Consultation for Covid19 Situation

For telephonic guidance on COVID-19 from 8 am to 12 noon –
Dr Tushar Shah. 9321469911
Dr M Bhatt. 9320407074
Dr D Doshi. 9820237951
Dr D Rathod. 8879148679
Dr R Gwalani. 8779835257
Dr D Kansara. 8369846412

For telephonic guidance on Covid-19 from 12 to 4 pm –
Dr G Kamath. 9136575405
Dr S Manglik. 9820222384
Dr J Jain. 7021092685
Dr A Thakkar. 9321470745
Dr L Bhagat. 9820732570
Dr N Shah. 9821140656
Dr S Phanse. 8779328220
Dr J Shah. 9869031354

For telephonic guidance on Covid-19 from 4 to 8 pm –
Dr N Zaveri. 9321489748
Dr S Ansari. 7045720278
Dr L Kedia. 9321470560
Dr B Shukla. 9321489060
Dr S Halwai. 9867379346
Dr M Kotian. 8928650290

For telephonic guidance on Covid-19 from 8 to 11 pm –
Dr N Kumar. 8104605550
Dr P Bhargav. 9833887603
Dr R Chauhan. 9892135010
Dr B Kharat. 9969471815
Dr S Dhulekar. 9892139027
Dr S Pandit. 9422473277

P.S. – Another excellent helpline (24×7) has been initiated by Indian Medical Association. The numbers are +919999672238 and +919999672239.

Online Consultation for Covid19 Situation
Dr. NameTimingNo.Type Call /Text
Abhilash4-6 PM9008336881Call
K.S. Ambedkar4-6 PM8332977920Call
Ruhi4-6 PM7721915623Call
Tanmay4-6 PM8767966315Call
Neha4-6 PM9321850549Text Only
Sanchitha4-6 PM9741012993Text Only
Harshita4-6 PM8978295707Text Only
Aditi4-6 PM9989465019Call
Meghna4-6 PM7032974806Call
Nitharsha4-6 PM9847174458Call
Harish6-8 PM9000788933Text Only
Aman6-8 PM9004697105Call
Prathyusha6-8 PM8297397167Call
Ramya6-8 PM8978642040Call
Sanjana6-8 PM9666622345Call
MNVSR Harsha6-8 PM9550585492Call
Raksha6-8 PM9398411443Call
Siva Keerthana8-10PM8096936333Call
Mustafa10 PM To 12 AM9347447627Call
K Parnavi10 PM To 12 AM9100033001Call
Prathyusha10 PM To 12 AM8328668208Call
Shweta Bhatt4-6 PM9712824777Call
Tushar Patel4-6 PM7742001380Call
Kesha Salvi10 AM – 2 PM9879086000Call
Dimpal Patel6 PM – 10 PM9409233044Call
Viral Patel6 PM – 10 PM9428583650Call
Utkarsh Pandya10 AM – 2 PM9428315806Call
Vijay Patel2 PM – 6 PM9408845733Call
Bipin Patel10:30AM -12:30 AM7698002528Call
Tushar Thakor 7016121080Call
Rutvij Patel4PM – 6 PM9978800267Call
Keval Patel12 PM – 5 PM9409286712Call
Aditya Trivedi5 PM – 9 PM9974775082Call
Kalpesh shah 9824030114Call